Sylvia Thomas is the  CEO/Owner of Thomas Entertainment Productions, Inc. where she created Hit National Broadway Gospel Stage Plays (Tours), a Music Recording Label, Young Cincy Records, Inc., "One of a Kind" Music Videos, The "I Use To Be A Church Girl" National Play's Television Commercials, and "never before done" Comedic Skit giving Tribute to the Legendary Oprah Winfrey that have left America in Awe!! 


          Sylvia Thomas, The Campbell Family's Princess, of the  Legendary Campbell Family, Tyler Perry, Marlon Campbell, Pastor Thelma Campbell-Thomas, Kevin Campbell, is the Writer, Director, Producer, and the Leading Star of the First Motion Picture on Stage "I Use To Be A Church Girl" Broadway Gospel Stage Play, where its Compelling and Anointed Story has not only moved its viewers to tears of inspiration and standing ovations, but has greatly inspired people from all over the world to BELIEVE in the Power of  Second Chances, Hope, Courage, Restoration, and REDEMPTION. Sylvia's own Amazing Life Story, presented in the upcoming Nationally Syndicated Reality Television Show, "REDEEMING THE GLORY,The Rise, the Fall, and the Rebuilding of the Campbell Princess' Empire," has ignited a New Fire under our Director to stop at nothing in order to launch this 2nd Tour which will bring to the world the First of it's Kind Broadway Stage Play that presents a Powerfully Anointed message that teaches us that its through our trials, tribulations, suffering, and adversity, that God is chiseling and preparing us to walk in his Divine Purpose for our lives and become a Blessing to the Kingdom of God. We need your help to make this "One of a Kind" Inspirational Anointed Stage Play Tour happen. Your contributions will help begin the " I Use To Be A Church Girl" National Tour in Major Cities and Theatrical Venues across the country ( Atlanta, GA, Chicago, IL, Detroit, MI, Houston, TX, Dallas, TX, Los Angeles, CA,, etc. ).  This First Motion Picture on Stage Gospel Play will speak Life and Inspiration to the hearts and souls of people around the world.

           One may ask, how in the world did one little African American girl from the country, Sylvia Thomas, gain the knowledge, expertise, and talent to not only create, but organize from the ground up and lead such a massive entertainment business. Sylvia's Anointed Campbell Family Blood Line that has given birth to some of the most powerful and influential entertainment and religious leaders in the country, (Tyler Perry, Marlon Campbell, Kevin Campbell, Pastor Thelma Campbell-Thomas <Sylvia's mother who started it all>, Presiding Elder David James Campbell, Jr., and Pastor Troy Thomas, etc.), along with her Summa Cum Laude Degree in both Business and Finance has created and propelled her to become the Multi-Talented Chief Executive Phenom that has achieved massive  Accomplishments in both Entertainment and C+ Level Global Corporate Business (Big 4, Fortune 500s). Sylvia Thomas' vast multi-talents and skill-sets span across numerous industries, from Entertainment Stage Plays, Movie Production and Directing, to Global and National Corporate Business. Sylvia is the Seasoned Fortune 500 and Big 4 Senior Executive skilled in Global Financial Management Analysis, New Business Sales Development for National and Global Business Expansion, IT System Implementation (Oracle, People Soft, SAP), and Senior Project Methodology Office Infrastructure Setup. These phenomenal corporate skill-sets Sylvia has obtained has afforded her the ability to develop such an organized platform for her vast entertainment businesses and projects.